How to get the code

The code is currently hosted on github, in a public repository, relying on Git, at The following explanations are only for those that want to get a copy of the git folder, with a cutting-edge version of the software.


The code can be installed automatically to its latest release using pip or conda (see How to install).

Cloning the source

Create a folder called spyking-circus, and simply do:

>> git clone spyking-circus

The advantages of that is that you can simply update the code, if changes have been made, by doing:

>> git pull

Without git

If you do not have git installed, and want to get the source, then one way to proceed is:

1. Download and install SourceTree 2. 3. Click on the Clone in SourceTree button, and use the following link with SourceTree 4. In SourceTree you just need to click on the Pull button to get the latest version of the software.

For Windows users


See the install section for Windows user here

For Mac OS X users

In order to install MPI, you may need to download the Xcode tools


See the install section for Mac user here

Download the archive

All released versions of the code can now be downloaded in the Download section of the github project, as .tar.gz files (pip install)

To know more about how to install the sofware, (see How to install)