Installation for WindowsΒΆ

Here are some detailed instructions:

  1. Install Anaconda (Python 2.7 or 3.5)

  2. Launched Anaconda’s command line

  3. Execute conda install mpi4py

  4. You should see the following message:
    • mpi4py requires that Microsoft MPI 6 be installed on the host system. That is a systemwide installation that is currently not available through conda. In order to successfully use mpi4py you must install Microsoft MPI and then append the bin directory of the MPI installation to your PATH environment variable. To install Microsoft MPI see MPIv6
  5. Install microsoft MPIv6 as requested with the previous link

  6. Add the mpi installation’s bin directory to the path (C:\program files\microsoft mpi\bin)

  7. Install spiking-circus by executing:

    >> conda install -c spyking-circus spyking-circus
  8. If you prefer, you can use pip (this is equivalent to step 7):

    >> pip install spyking-circus --process-dependency-links
  9. [optional] Install CUDA for windows to activate GPU only

  10. [optional] If you want to enable CUDA, you must have a valid nvcc install and do:

    >> pip install
  11. Here you are! Now run the code, for example:

    >> spyking-circus pathtodata/data.dat -c 7 -g 0