Release notes

Spyking CIRCUS 0.4.2

This is the 0.4 release of the SpyKING CIRCUS, a new approach to the problem of spike sorting. The code is based on a smart clustering with sub sampling, and a greedy template matching approach, such that it can resolve the problem of overlapping spikes. The publication about the software is available at


The software can be used with command line, or a dedicated GUI


Because this is a beta version, the code may evolve. Even if results are or should be correct, we can expect some more optimizations in a near future, based on feedbacks obtained on multiple datasets. If you spot some problems with the results, please be in touch with


Code and documentation contributions (ordered by the number of commits):

  • Pierre Yger
  • Marcel Stimberg
  • Baptiste Lebfevre
  • Christophe Gardella
  • Olivier Marre
  • Cyrille Rossant

Release 0.4.2

  • fix a bug in the test suite
  • fix a bug in python GUI for non integer thresholds
  • fix a bug with output strings in python3
  • fix a bug to kill processes in windows from the launcher
  • fix graphical issues in the launcher and python3
  • colors are now present also in python3
  • finer control of the amplitudes with the dispersion parameter
  • finer control of the cut off frequencies during the filtering
  • the smart search mode is now back, with a simple True/False flag. Use it for long or noisy recordings
  • optimizations in the smart search mode, now implementing a rejection method based on amplitudes
  • show the mean amplitude over time in the MATLAB GUI
  • MATLAB is automatically closed when closing the MATLAB GUI
  • mean rate is now displayed in the MATLAB GUI, for new datasets only
  • spike times are now saved as uint32, for new datasets only
  • various fixes in the docs
  • improvements when peak detection is set on “both”
  • message about cc_merge for low density probes
  • message about smart search for long recordings
  • various cosmetic changes
  • add a conda app for anaconda navigator

Release 0.4.1

  • fix a bug for converting millions of PCs to phy, getting rid of MPI limitation to int32
  • fix bugs with install on Windows 10, forcing int64 while default is int32 even on 64bits platforms
  • improved errors messages if wrong MCS headers are used
  • Various cosmetic changes

Release 0.4

First realease of the software