Formatting your data

Input format for the code

Currently, the code only accepts plain binary data. To be more precise, suppose you have N channels

\[c_0, c_1, ... , c_N\]

And if you assume that \(c_i(t)\) is the value of channel \(c_i\) at time t, then your datafile should be a giant raw file with values

\[c_0(0), c_1(0), ... , c_N(0), c_0(1), ..., c_N(1), ... c_N(T)\]

This is simply the flatten version of your recordings matrix, with size N x T


The values can be saved in your own format (int16, uint16, int8, float32). You simply need to specify that to the code

Future plans

Hopefully in a near future, we plan to enhance the interface between SpyKING CIRCUS and various file formats. Most likely using Neo, we should be able to read/write the data without a need for a proper raw file.